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Experience, quality, innovation. These are the characteristics which have enabled Frascold to achieve and consolidate, in over 70 years of business, a leading position in the air conditioning and refrigeration compressor’s worldwide market, both commercial and industrial. The company is still extending the range of offered products which are produced in Rescaldina, northern Italy in production plants of over 30.000 sqm.
Production Compressors Condensing units Fully automatic production lines of compressors, in which robots and numerically controlled machines produce components with maximum precision, have practically eliminated human errors which is reflected by minimal number of complaints.

Current production level of the company exceeds 40 million Є and includes:
  • 70 000 semi-hermetic compressors
  • 2 000 screw compressors
  • 9 000 condensing units

Frascold exports 75% of its production to world markets. In 2006, production of the Frascold company included:

  • 80 models of semi-hermetic compressors ranging from 4 to 240 m³/h
  • 34 models of screw compressors ranging from 120 to 360 m³/h
  • 118 models of various types of refrigerating units

Frascold products have acquired quality certificates and are greatly valued by many leading producers of refrigeration equipment. This fact is confirmed by proper certificates. The relation of prices to quality puts Frascold in a role of the unquestionable leader in this branch.

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