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Welcome to our trainings

We invite you to participate in ON-LINE training courses, devoted to the effective deepening of knowledge in the field of refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pumps and chilled water systems.

The courses contain general information about the products, as well as technical and commission tips, information about selection programs, service details and applications. Training participants will receive technical materials. Participation in authorization training is not free.

Our courses include:

  • a real-time training
  • consultations and the possibility to ask questions during the training
  • participation via computer, laptop, smartphone - both at home and at work
  • availability of the lecturers on the phone so that the participants can individually explain their doubts and find answers to their questions

Everything is simple and does not require the installation of any programs or applications - all you need for participation in our trainings is your own computer with Internet access and a web browser

Our trainings


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