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We are active in supporting our installation partners and designers of HVAC systems. We are organising product’s trainings; we are helping with consultancy from our engineers on each stage of the investment process. Hundreds of successful investments confirm our competences and experience.

In addition to theoretical knowledge, the air conditioning training includes a virtual tour through the most technologically advanced laboratory in this part of Europe, equipped with Mitsubishi Heavy


Pre-sale support

Regular customers of Elektronika S.A. are the largest Polish producers of furniture and cooling equipment. There are also dozens of electromechanical cooling plants, service technicians of refrigeration and air-conditioning units, producers of food products widely-known on the Polish market, meat and poultry plants, processing factories, slaughterhouses, cold cuts, dairies, banana ripening plants, fruit and vegetable stores, as well as hospitals and pharmaceutical companies among our customers.

Apart from a wide range of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment and accessories, all our customers are provided with pre-sale support:

  • willingness for close commercial cooperation on the basis of contracts which guarantee agreed commercial conditions
  • access to a network of our own commercial branches with warehouses, located in large Polish cities
  • technical and design consultancy for our engineers and designers
  • technical documentation and service materials in Polish and English (catalogs, manuals, approvals, selection programs, websites)
  • a number of financial solutions based on the credit potential of Elektronika S.A.
  • cooperation in the field of logistics and delivery planning

After-sale support

We support installers cooperating with us at every stage of the investment, especially when the installation and commissioning is complicated from the technological point of view. Hundreds of successfully completed projects confirm our competences and extensive experience, and guarantee our clients the success of the investments.

We provide technical advice and service materials in Polish and English (manuals, DTR, approvals, selection programs), as well as significant and practical support during installation and providing of cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation services.

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