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Our team

More than 30 years ago, the founders of the Company began to fulfill their dream of creating a company that would break out of the prevailing reality and change it.

Despite the past years, this dream remains unchanged. Every day we create an atmosphere of trust and mutual support, in accordance with our main mission – high quality partnership.

Our team consists of excellent and committed specialists focused on achieving long-term goals. They are competent, friendly people with whom we want to develop common visions and create a new reality. Real experts with whom we want to meet on both sides of the desk.

Why us?

  • We are a stable company with an established position on the market for over 30 years. We belong to Danfoss group, which confirms our credibility, high standards and undeniable business culture. We hold Business Gazelle and Business Cheetahs titles, as well as Fairplay and Certificates of Business Credibility certificates.
  • We provide a good reward, motivation system for many departments and numerous bonuses. The number of late payments of salary in the last 10 years is 0 days. We suggest the possibility to use corporate life insurance and a social fund.
  • We constantly improve the product and industry competences of our employees and clients. We provide training, courses and studies improving qualifications as part of the functions performed, and people who demonstrate loyalty, talents and commitment are invited to participate in the Company's development projects.
  • We provide enough space for self-realization, gaining experience and expanding knowledge. As part of the team, we support each other during any challenges and problems’ solving. We share experiences and knowledge that can be invaluable for each team member.
  • We follow not only modern standards. We implement the strategy of sustainable and harmonized development in accordance with business ethics and quality understood in the old way.
  • We provide employees with the necessary tools, taking care of the ergonomics and legality of everything they use. We value convenience, so everyone can count on a parking space near the office, a free dress code, an air-conditioned working place where each can drink coffee and tea, and invite guests to conference room in each branch of Poland.


We do not promise that all dreams will come true here and that the goals are achieved overnight. Development and success always include: commitment and knowledge, a bit of luck and a favorable environment. Therefore, if you like to be involved in your work and you are reliable person; you are already one of us. Join the team and let's create together a reality in which we want to be.

Are you interested in this position?
Don't hesitate. Send your application and we will do the rest and guide you through the recruitment process.

Here's what it will look like...

  1. Have you found an advertisement interesting for you or do you know if your person would bring value? Send your CV - you can only benefit from it. Make sure you show your strengths at this stage. Add a description in the comments of your application or a paragraph in your CV. This way you can tell us what we should pay attention to
  2. Our team will review your application with due diligence. We respect both your willingness to start cooperation with us and the data you entrust to us. As a recruiting team, we operate under the obligation of secrecy, ensuring the confidentiality of recruitment for candidates
  3. During applications analysis, we take into account various information, not only education or experience - although these, of course, are of great importance. We call selected candidates after standard working hours or make an appointment by SMS in advance so as not to put the candidate in an awkward situation
  4. In the next stage, we make an appointment with the candidate. It can be personal meeting, hybrid mode or virtual video conference. During the meeting, we try to create a friendly and relaxed atmosphere that will encourage better understanding and exchange of thought
  5. After selecting the candidates, we contact them to determine the terms of cooperation. After mutual acceptance, we inform the other Candidates about the recruitment results. We are counting on reciprocity trying to provide comprehensive feedback after the recruitment process

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