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Danfoss is an international company producing components for refrigeration/air conditioning, heating, ventilation and electricity markets and inventor of many unique technical solutions. The products of Danfoss company, which is combining care about the natural environment with a constantly rising standard of offered products, allow saving energy, enhance efficiency of the industry and improve the comfort of living.

As far as the wide range of Danfoss products, designed for air conditioning and refrigeration markets, is concerned, following types deserve more attention: Maneurop compressors and condensing units, control and monitoring systems, electronic and thermostatic expansion valves and pressure switches, pressure and temperature regulators, filter driers and sight glasses, solenoid valves and stop valves, control and safety valves.

Danfoss owns 53 factories in 21 countries on six continents, branch offices and commercial agencies in over 110 countries, and employs about 18 thousand employees all over the world. Danfoss factories produce over 250.000 units per day altogether. These production plants are equipped with the most modern technical equipment and employ the most effective production processes.

All the workers are involved in the quality control of the production within their work sectors. Subdivided quality control teams take part in construction and technological divisions’ work. They supervise every stage of production and conduct a detailed inspection of finished products.

Quality control
Due to adoption of the most recent devices and technologies for the quality control, Danfoss has become one of the first companies in this field which obtained ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 quality certificates. Danfoss is the inventor of many unique technical solutions in refrigeration, heating, power hydraulics, in the field of electric drives and measuring equipment. By dint of that, Danfoss belongs to the world’s leading companies which set the directions of technical development. Global industry has faced a new challenge – how to reconcile economic growth with protection of the natural environment from pollution and excessive natural resources exploitation. The Danfoss company participates in solving this problem. Its products allow to save energy, increase the effectiveness of industry, and improve people’s living standards across the world. Danfoss products are being sold worldwide through the network of commercial agencies.

Reciprocating compressors
In 2003, in Rodekro, Denmark, a „Distribution Centre” for Northern Europe was established. Products from “Centre” are sent directly to distributors while Danfoss branch offices are only coordinating the delivery of the products. The Belgian customers were the first who took advantage of this way of products distribution. Nowadays, the centre supplies the majority of European clients (including Polish) whose local ware-houses were closed. This solution contributed to the reduction of stocks and cutback of operational costs.

Scroll compressors
The Danfoss branch offices employ engineers who deal with the sales and provide technical advisory in the field of application, selection and maintenance. Located on six continents, the authorized service agencies, equipped with special tools and measuring equipment, are intended to maintain and repair Danfoss products. The fact that Danfoss runs investments in Poland entails the transfer of highly advanced technologies and new work places. The initiation of the production in 1992 and high quality of products, confirmed by ISO 9001:2000 certificate, allowed the company to reach the leading position, strengthening the long-term presence on Polish market.

Condensing units
Due to widely conceived activity on Polish market, the Danfoss company contributed to the increase of heat utilization efficiency and improvement of natural environment condition. Environmental care is imprinted in the company values, which is confirmed by ISO 12001:1996 certificate.

Danfoss products:
  1. Refrigeration and A/C:
    • compressors and condensing units
    • electronic control and monitoring systems
    • electronically operated valves
    • filter driers and sight glasses
    • components
    • refrigerant level controls
    • pressure and thermal regulators
    • sensors and transmitters for electronic controls
    • safety valves
    • solenoid valves
    • stop and regulating valves
    • thermostatic expansion valves
    • thermostats and pressure controls
    • water valves
  2. VLT Motion controls
    • frequency converters
    • decentral products
    • soft start systems
  3. Industrial automation
    • electromagnetic valves
    • thermostatic valves for cooling water
    • pressure switches
    • thermostats
    • motor contractors and switches
  4. Heating
  5. High-pressure water solutions
  6. Components
Components Components Components Components Components

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