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Huayi Compressor Barcelona, S.L. is part of Huayi Compressor Co. Ltd. group, and specializes in designing, manufacturing and selling hermetic compressors and condensing units for the light commercial refrigeration market. Operating under Cubigel Compressors® brand, the products are supported by European quality production. The company focuses on a product innovation strategy based on a strong R&D team, enhanced know-how and more than 50 years of experience providing a broad range of solutions to the commercial refrigeration industry. The Innovation, Research & Development Technology Centers, laboratories, qualified engineers and professionals are the keys to international leadership in the refrigeration industry. The production plant is located in Barcelona, the company exports more than 90% of its production and employs more than 400 people.

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The history of the company begins in 1962 when Unidad Hermética was founded - the Spanish and French capital company with the aim of producing compressors range L, P and S under Tecumseh Products Co. (USA) license. After many years of presence on the world markets in 2012, the factory becomes a part of the world's largest Chinese producer Huayi Compressor Co., Ltd. - with annual sales of more than 30 million pieces of hermetic compressors for various applications.

The company's philosophy is to protect the environment, save energy and produce highly efficient products. This statement is supported by advanced compressor's production lines, controlled by regular inspections and testing equipment that guarantee stable and high quality. Cubigel Compressors S.A. offers currently more than 500 different models, commercial compressors ranges go from 2,4cc to 34cc in most refrigerant gases, main voltages and for any type of application.

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