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Condensing units

Danfoss condensing units
Cubigel Compressors condensing units
Copeland condensing units
Frascold condensing units
Our offer includes condensing units based on Danfoss, Cubigel Compressors and Copeland hermetic compressors as well as Copeland and Frascold semi-hermetic compressors. Standard* equipment includes: condenser, compressor, compressor crankcase heater, receiver, high/low pressure regulator and electric box. Additionally, units can be equipped in a belt-type heater, mechanical or electronic oil pressure regulator, additional HP switch or a fan speed control.

Products designed by: Danfoss, Copeland and Frascold are to be applied in industrial refrigeration installations, whereas Cubigel Compressors products work refrigerating furniture, small chillers and milk coolers. Conventional Cubigel Compressors units are available and delivered in two versions: condenser and compressor either with or without receiver. Cubigel Compressors units can be equipped with high and low pressure switch and crankcase heater.

We encourage to consult our products catalog of condensing units based on hermetic and semihermetic compressors.

* standard unit versions of various producers may be configured differently