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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps
In Poland, as soon as the energy saving, environment protection, and waste heat treatment problems came into view, many Polish and western firms engaged in production of heat pumps or importing western products. However, models they introduced featured poor standard equipment and a very narrow range of heating power.

Our company is one of the fewest which successfully filled this gap, offering customized units (ranging from several kilowatts to several hundred kilowatts) tailored to customers’ individual needs. Our heat pumps bases on high-performance hermetic or semi-hermetic piston, scroll or screw compressors. Depending on customers’ individual needs, we apply evaporators and plate heat exchangers, shell and tube heat exchangers or air heat exchangers.

By dint of these actions, during last 7 years, our units found application in many types of facilities: starting from sewage treatment plants, through industrial establishments, to individual houses and dwelling-houses, securing the necessity of heating, tap water heating, and, what is worth emphasizing – air-conditioning during summertime.

Devices of our production work with all kinds of ground-sources. We extract the heat from production processes, as well as from the ground (using vertical or horizontal ground collectors), from the well water, and from the air.

Our main goal is to appease the individual needs of the customers by adjusting the overall dimensions, performance and the equipment of both the heating pump and the whole working system, while preserving high-quality services.

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