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We offer a variety of Danfoss CPCE capacity regulators for installation in the pressure relief line between the low- and high-pressure sides of the refrigeration system. Capacity regulators adapt compressor capacity to actual evaporator load. They are adapted for work with refrigerants from HCFC, HFC and HC groups. Injection should be arranged to occur through an LG liquid-gas mixer. Application: traditional refrigeration units, air conditioners, industrial cooling, air dryers, refrigeration transport.

Danfoss CPCE capacity regulators prevents high suction superheats by combining hot gas injection with expansion valve characteristic. They can also protect against extremely low evaporating temperature, i.e. to prevent evaporator icing. The regulator increases evaporator gas velocity thus ensuring better oil return to compressor. Direct connection to system suction line regulates hot gas injection independent of evaporator pressure drop. LG liquid-gas mixer provides mixing of the liquid and hot gas refrigerant injected into the evaporator. Complaint with ATEX. Maximum pressure is 28 bar.

A CPCE capacity regulator can be used as an alternative to KVC if the requirement is greater accuracy in the regulation, low suction pressure or if higher pressure drop is given between CPCE outlet and the suction pressure.

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Sales of equipment

We are a direct importer, representative and authorized distributor of the world's leading refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturers. The main activity of the company is wholesale and distribution of HVACR equipment and accessories, including heat pumps and chillers, through its own network of branches.

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Technical support

We actively support our HVACR Installers and Designers. We organize product trainings; provide assistance and technical advice to refrigeration and air conditioning engineers at every stage of the investment realization. Hundreds of successful investments confirm our competence and extensive experience.

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Investment processes

Our organizational structures include Investment Implementation Departments, which, based on the skills of engineers and designers, in cooperation with installation companies from the investment area, are able to design and implement the most modern cooling, freezing and air conditioning units.

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