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A series of Danfoss Optyma Plus condensing units with one or two fans in a case, equipped with hermetic reciprocating or scroll compressors and micro-channelled heat exchanger. Dedicated to operating with a lot of refrigerants, also with low GWP. The units are adapted for low and medium temperature cooling purposes, such like: cooling furniture in stores and minimarkets, milk cooling, industrial cooling, storage of general food products.

Optyma Plus condensing units are characterized by quiet operation, high energy efficiency and short installation times. High efficiency and parameters well above the EcoDesign 2018 directive guarantee low energy costs. The preset parameters ensure the correct start of the chiller. The small dimensions of the housing, easier and faster access to all elements and the easy-to-clean microchannel heat exchanger facilitate assembly and maintenance of the device.

High acoustic efficiency due to the use of long life compressors, sound insulation, as well as the design of individual elements and the intelligent reduction of fan speed while operating at a lower capacity is one of the most important attributes of Optyma Plus condensing units.

The ability to transfer data contributes to significant energy savings, making the unit up to 20% more economical than its market counterparts.

Thanks to the load-bearing design, the customer has the option of stacking individual units. This reduces both installation time and costs associated with the supporting structure. All models include energy-saving internal components such as a micro-channel heat exchanger, high-efficiency fan motors and a speed controller.

Advantages of Optyma™ Plus

  • possibility of data transmission
  • quiet mode of operation
  • energy saving and high efficiency
  • simple installation and service
  • possibility of stacking
  • fast and safe installation "plug and play"

Characteristics of the Optima™ Plus

  • cooling capacity
    • MBP: from 0.85 kW to 16.03 kW

(te = -10ºC, ta = 32ºC, SH = 10K, SC = 0K, for R404A/507A)

    • MBP: from 0.75 kW to 14.92 kW

(te = -10ºC, ta = 32ºC, SH = 10K, SC = 0K, for R449A)

    • LBP: from 0.48 kW to 6.24 kW

(te = -35ºC, ta = 32ºC, SH = 10K, SC = 0K, for R404A/507)

    • LBP: from 0.40 kW to 6.07 kW

(te = -35ºC, ta = 32ºC, SH = 10K, SC = 0K, for R452A)

  • ambient temperature: up to +43ºC
  • compressor: scroll/reciprocating
  • condenser type: microchannel
  • refrigerants: R134a, R404A, R407F, R448A, R449A, R452A, R513A

Optyma™ Plus applications

  • evaporating temperature:
    • MBP: R404A from -20oC to 10oC
    • MBP: R449A / R448A from -25oC to 8oC
    • LBP: R404A from -40oC to -10oC
    • LBP: R452A from -40oC to -10oC
  • food trade facilities
  • commercial refrigeration
  • small commercial refrigeration plants
  • food processing and storage

Optyma™ Plus equipment

  • Control box (with ready-to-connect electronic panel)
  • Fan speed controller
  • Main switch (fuse)
  • Filter dehydrator
  • Speculum
  • Crankcase heater
  • Adjustable HP/LP pressure switch
  • Miniature pressure switch
  • Access door
  • Soundproofing
  • Electronic controller of the condensing unit
  • Data transmission

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