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We are pleased to offer a wide range of Thermofin air-cooled industrial condensers for use in refrigeration, air conditioning systems and for cooling liquids in various technological processes. Condensers, resistant to weather conditions and UV rays, available in various versions, enable flexible selection of the unit. The offer includes versions with vertical (V) or horizontal (H) exhaust, with a nominal capacity from 20.3 to 938.3 kW.

TCH/TCV condensers are equipped with axial fans from 1 to 18 pcs, with a diameter of 910 mm, with a maintenance-free external rotor with IP54 protection class. Fans available with five sound pressure levels. Motors thermally protected on the winding. Standard body made of galvanized steel with RAL 7035 powder coated housing that is durable and has a self-supporting structure.

Characteristics of TCH/TCV condensers:

  • nominal capacity: from 20.3 to 938.3 kW
  • sound pressure: from 23 to 67 dB (A)
  • refrigerant: HFC
  • block fin tubes:
    • aluminium fins
    • fin spacing: 2.0; 2.2; 2.4; 3.0 mm
    • parameters of block: 40 x 34 mm
    • 12 mm copper tubes
  • axial fans:
    • from 1 to 18 pcs with diameter of 910 mm
    • air discharge: vertical (V) or horizontal (H)


  • legs (for mounting)
  • inspection openings
  • optional fins: (epoxidized aluminium, copper)
  • vibration dampers
  • special painting
  • spray system
  • Pole tekstowetilting fans
  • streamer (extends the air throw distance)
  • diffusers


Electrical design

  • service switches/motor protection switches (individually wired or paired)
  • wiring to the electrical box
  • TPD - thermofin® power distribution
  • control cabinet for the integration of all electrical components
  • TCS - thermofin® control system


  • spray system for peak loads in high ambient temperatures
  • low water consumption
  • optimized energy consumption
  • frost protection due to a fully automatic drain system
  • control via TCS controller (max. 4 spray zones)

Service and cleaning

  • the smooth surfaces of the fins prevent dirt and facilitate cleaning
  • longer operating time
  • optional: hinged fans

TCS Thermofin control system 2nd generation

TCS (Thermofin® Control System)  is an intelligent controller designed for contemporary fan drives and used to monitor, control and collect data of evaporators, dry coolers, air coolers and condensers. It has many useful software features and a very compact design. It is characterized by a compact design and many useful program software features for the optimal working conditions. By quickly responding to changing environmental conditions, maximum efficiency is achieved.

The new version (2nd generation) of this system has been updated both technically and visually. Important innovations include the new 4.3" color sensor display, contemporary communication interfaces such as Bacnet IP, Modbus TCP and Profinet IRT, Ethernet interface, TAM (Thermofin® Adiabatic Management - function module for panel), web display connection and extended error protocol.


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Sales of equipment

We are a direct importer, representative and authorized distributor of the world's leading refrigeration and air conditioning manufacturers. The main activity of the company is wholesale and distribution of HVACR equipment and accessories, including heat pumps and chillers, through its own network of branches.

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Technical support

We actively support our HVACR Installers and Designers. We organize product trainings; provide assistance and technical advice to refrigeration and air conditioning engineers at every stage of the investment realization. Hundreds of successful investments confirm our competence and extensive experience.

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Investment processes

Our organizational structures include Investment Implementation Departments, which, based on the skills of engineers and designers, in cooperation with installation companies from the investment area, are able to design and implement the most modern cooling, freezing and air conditioning units.

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