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The range of celling-mounted air coolers Thermofin TOL intended for industrial refrigeration systems such as: cold stores, distribution and storage centers, freezers, and deep freezers. Cube coolers with one-way air supply adapted to work with R744 (CO2) refrigerant. Nominal capacity from 5.3 to 155.2 kW. They are equipped with axial fans with diameter from 400 to 800mm. Large heat transfer surface minimizes temperature spread ensuring long-term preservation of product freshness. The airflow range from 3 318 to 87 958 m³/h.

Thermofin TOL air coolers can be equipped with double insulated, folding drip trays made of AlMg3, powder coated. Refrigerant connection located in the airflow direction on the right side. Optional defrost: electric (heaters in block and tray), hot gas, glycol or water.  Standard RAL 9010 powder coated galvanized steel casing makes up a solid self-supporting structure.

Compared to the current standard tubes diameter was reduced from 16 mm to 12 mm, as a result the working pressure increased. In coopper tubes version devices can work with maximum pressure up to 60 bar, in stainless steel tubes version up to 120 bar.

As a result of changing the tubes geometry, the amount of refrigernt charge has been reduced to about 40%. The weight of the device has also been reduced, it helps to decrease the investment costs. The series of air coolers with the wide efficency range for DX systems.

Air coolers Thermofin TOL characteristics:

  • nominal power range from 5.3 to 155.2 kW
  • airflow range from 3 318 to 87 958 m³/h.
  • refrigerant R744 (CO2)
  • block fin tubes:
    • aluminium fins
    • fin spacing: 4,0; 7,0; 10,0; 12.0 mm
    • parameters of block: 50 х 50 mm
    • tubes 12mm, coopper or steinless steel
  • axial fans:
    • AC or EC as optional, controlled by the signal 0-10 B or 4-20 мА or Modbus signal.
    • from 1 to 4 peaces with deameter from 400 to 800 mm
    • two-way air supply
    • external rotor motors with IP54 protection class (IP55 for EC)
    • motors with termal protection

Accessories for air coolers:

  • heating coil
  • defrosting: electrical, hot-gas, brine, water
  • electric fan ring heaters
  • double and insulated tray
  • defrost dampers
  • shut up with draw-in hoods
  • draw-in/blow-out hoods
  • legs (feet)
  •  insulation end plates
  • tiltable fans
  • CIP system for cleaning
  • streamers for an increased air throw
  • air hose connections
  • EC fans
  • pre-wired fans
  • repair switch
  • “wireless“ fan control



  • defrost louvers connected to a hot gas or glycol defrost system
  • can be made of various materials
  • construction of shutters with motor or pneumatic drive

Air flow

  • precise airflow for concentrated cooling of specific areas


  • swinging fans and defrost trays allow easy access for cleaning inside the units


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