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The range of Alfa LU-VE Optigo FMCW glycol air coolers with one-way air flow, designed for applications in small and medium-sized cooling rooms and freezers. Cubic coolers with low noise level operating in the capacity range from 0,82 to 20,90 kW. They are equipped with AC fans or energy-saving EC fans with a diameters: 275, 315 and 350 mm. Maximum operating pressure – 10 bar.

All models of Optigo FMCW range are equipped with highly efficient clock fin tubes. Durable body made of galvanized steel, powder coated in RAL 9003 can be removed and opened for cleaning and inspection. Models F31MC and F35MC are additionally equipped with folding side panels and a drip tray.

Fans are sucking air from the block fin tubes. External rotor fan motors on Optigo F31A and F35MC models. Connected to a central junction box.

Air intake from the block:

  • Better air distribution through the block surface, result in better heat exchange
  • Longer air flow
  • Accumulated frost is visible on the air intake side

Each heat exchanger is tested for leaks with dry air.

Optigo FMCW characteristics:

  • Nominal capacity: from 0,82 to 20,90 kW
    (ethylene glycol 35%, tj,in=-8°C, tj, out=-4°C, ta=0°C)
  • Air flow: from 900 to 10 400 m3/h)
  • Block fin tubes:
    • Aluminium fins
    • Fin spacing: 4,5; 6,0; 7,0; 9,0 mm
    • Smooth cooper tubes
  • Fans:
    • From 1 to 4 pcs
    • Diameter: 275, 315, 350 mm
    • Power supply: 230V/1~/50Hz
    • Engines: AC or Energy-saving EC
    • Minimum temperature: - 35°C
  • Defrost types (optional):
    • Electrical in block (E)
    • Drip tray heater (HD)
    • Electrical in the block + drip tray heater (E+HD)

Optigo FMCW advanteges:

  • Efficiency confirmed by Eurovent certificate
  • Optimized coil design
  • AC or energy-saving EC fans (optional)
  • Natural refrigerant CO2 (GWP=1)
  • Installation “Plug&Play”
  • Wide range of additional equipment

Optigo FMCW additional equipment:

  • EC fans
  • Block fin tube protection, pre-coated fins
  • Insulated drip tray (IS)
  • Electrical box connected to the external service switch (SW)
  • Stainless steel tubes (AISI 304)
  • Connection of the supply for glycol splitter from the top

Options for F31MC and F35MC models:

  • “Shut-up” sock
  • Insulated suction hood

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