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The range of Alfa LU-VE Arctigo ISDE industrial air coolers with one-way air flow, designed for applications in demanding cooling and freezing processes, in medium and large rooms. Cubic coolers adapted to work with refrigerants from HFC group, in the nominal capacity range from 2,28 to 238,79 kW. They are equipped with AC or energy-saving EC fans with a diameter from 400 to 910 mm. The range of exchangers based on Helpman solutions, to ensure freshness of stored products at temperatures from - 40°C to + 10°C. Devices are certified by Eurovent.

The series of Alfa LU-VE Arctigo ISDE offers a wide range of models, which enables proper selection to the customer’s requirements. It also guarantees the best conditions for storing fresh and frozen products, both in high and low humidity conditions. Models are available for dedicated applications, such as agricultural storage, models with additional compression or models for shock freezing. This solution is suitable for applications requiring high relative humidity.

Arctigo ISDE models are equipped with a block fin tubes with a square geometry, which provides a larger heat exchange surface, reduces the number of defrosts, extends cooling periods, reduces air pressure drop and fan energy consumption.

A wide range of optional equipment: shut-up sock (S), air sock adapter ring (SR), streamer (ST), central junction box (CB/CB1), body and frame made of acid-resistant steel (SSC), fin protection (EP) or made of sea water resistant aluminium (SWR), double fin space (DF), service switch (SW), steering wheel cover 45°(H1) or 90°(H2) and many others.

Arctigo ISDE coolers are equipped with suction fans, from 1 to 6 pcs, with two fan motor speeds: 400V/3~/50Hz and 230V/1~/50Hz (for diameters of 400 and 450 mm)and two noise levels (Δ/Y connection). EC fans can be selected according to different rotation speeds. Build-in thermal contacts provide reliable protection against thermal overload.

Air intake from the block:

  • Better air distribution through the block surface, result in better heat exchange
  • Longer air flow
  • Accumulated frost is visible on the air intake side

Configuration examples:

  • Draw-through
  • Floor mounted
  • Inlet hood 90°
  • Fan casing 90°

  • Draw-through
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Inlet hood 45°
  • Fan casing 45°

  • Draw-through
  • Ceiling mounted
  • Inlet hood 90°
  • Shutup sock

Arctigo ISDE characteristics:

  • Nominal capacity: from 2,28 to 238,79 kW (SC2)
  • Air flow: from 2 088 to 120 324 m3/h
  • Block fin tubes:
    • Aluminium fins
    • Fin spacing: 4,0; 5,0; 6,0; 7,0; 8,0; 10,0; 12,0 mm
    • Tubing ø 5/8”Cu ripple fin or smooth stainless steel
    • Block geometry: 50 mm square
  • Fans:
    • From 1 to 6 pcs with diameter: 400, 450, 500, 630, 710, 800, 910mm
    • Power supply: 230V/1~/50Hz; 400V/3~/50Hz
    • AC or energy-saving EC fans
  • Maximum operation pressure : 33 bar
  • Temperature range in chamber: from -40°C to +10°C
  • DX expansion valve or pump supply

Arctigo ISDE advanteges:

  • Durable design of the cooler ensuring high quality of stored product
  • Block fin tubes and body adapted to work in demanding conditions, which ensures long products life
  • Low noise level in rooms where people stay
  • Infrequent defrost cycles for square block geometry
  • Modules can be stacked during transportation
  • New fan flange design
  • High energy efficiency
  • Easy installation
  • Hanging drip tray (for electric (E1) and hot gas (HG) defrosting)
  • Service switches for individual fans as standard
  • Certified by Eurovent

Arctigo ISDE defrost systems:

  • Electric defrost of the drip tray (E1)
  • Electric defrost heavy (E2)
  • Electric defrost light (E4)
  • Hot gas defrost (HG, HGC – with connection to the block)
  • Hot water defrost (HW)

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