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We are glad to present you our chillers with air, water and remote condensing cooling, EXP hybrid heat pumps (cooling/heating/DHW, heat recovery), condensing units and fan coil units for individual, commercial and industrial application.

We offer for consideration a range of chillers:

  • With heat pumps
  • With increased energy efficiency
  • With reduced noise level (low noise and ultra-low noise)
  • Specially designed for industrial units that work in difficult temperature conditions or aggressive environment
  • In a power range from 0 to 1600 kW
  • ErP Ready 2021
  • With inverter technology
  • TurboPower (with turbocharachter) up to 1100 kW
  • Hybrid Heat Pumps EXP (cooling/heating/DHW/heat recovery)

Innovation is in our DNA

Over than 30 years we have been working as a direct importer and authorized distributor of the worlds leading manufacturers of refrigeration equipment, including Rhoss chillers of the Nibe group. An equipment distributed by our own branche’s network and representative’s network.

Our organizational structures include the departments for the implementation of investments. In cooperation with the installation companies from the field of investment, we can design and implement the most modern water-cooling systems.

We support our installers...

... at every stage of the investment, especially when the installation is technologically complicative.

Hundreds of successfully implemented projects confirm our competence and experience, and guarantee our customers the success of the investments.

Technological innovations are the driving force of the new Rhoss products, that’s the reason why more than 2 million Euros has been invested to create Rhoss's R&D Lab. This is the only laboratory in Italy approved by the highly specialized company DMT GmbH (Essen, Germany) according to EUROVENT standards. The laboratory conducts the research in collaboration with the most prestigious universities in Italy (such as the famous and the one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Padua). And the new devices are tested and certified in accordance with the applicable standards/directives. So, each Investor or Designer receives confidence that the proposed product meets the expectations and meets the stated technical requirements.

Precise brine water temperature control and the compact size of the Rhoss devices make them widely used in industrial process control. The patented adaptive control logic AFP (Adaptive Function Plus) in chillers with scroll compressors makes them a perfect solution for indoor air conditioning systems and shopping centers.

The undoubted advantages of Rhoss chillers are their flexibility due to:

  • wide power range
  • many options and solutions (air/water-cooled/remote condenser, with low noise level and ultra-low noise level, etc.)
  • wide range of accessories (e.g. built-in hydraulic modules with 1 or 2 pumps, with or without reservoir, inverter controlled fans, electronic expansion valves, etc.)

Thanks to this, the customers receives a unit adapted to their needs, colloquially speaking "tailor-made".

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