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The Friga-Bohn brand, well-known also on Polish market for many years, is valued by customers and installers. Friga-Bohn units are produced in three factories and are supported by five technical departments located in Europe. The brand is owned by HEATCRAFT Refrigeration, so its distributive net covers most continents.

Unit coolers Unit coolers Condensers Due to number of solutions for low and medium temperature refrigeration, as well as for commercial and industrial air conditioning, it has wide range of possibilities and practical application, specifically:

  • Shops: offering split systems and heat exchangers used in refrigerators, as well as in small cold rooms
  • Hotels and bars: producing small-sized refrigerating systems, which allow quick installation and featured by low noise operation
  • Production rooms: holding solutions which allow to maintain appropriate hygiene level and required comfort of working groups,
  • Food preservation and storage: deveolping heat exchangers which enable to maintain specific climate conditions for stored products
  • Technological lines: designing solutions for the processes of cooling and freezing in continuous production lines

The efforts for high quality of offered products are crowned with a number of certificates and technical approvals (EUROVENT, ISO 9001-V2000, GOST, RoSH-WEE, PED, CE).

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